Ongoing Assessments

To properly protect your business and keep a strong defense against cyber-attacks, your organization’s network should be regularly scanned and tested. Cyber threats are constantly changing. Consequently, security controls that protect your organization can become obsolete very quickly. It is for this reason we have developed affordable ongoing testing and data assurance programs.

A Typical Program 3 Part Program:

  • Part one - monthly vulnerability scans. These scans ensure that critical systems are properly protected against current cyber-attacks and are up-to-date with all security patches.
  • Part two - annual internal security assessment. This assessment evaluates the ability of an attacker to move laterally or elevate permissions should a single point be compromised. It also protects an organization against insider attacks. Internal attacks are often initiated by a trusted or recently dismissed employee that has the ability to cause significant network damage whether intentionally or accidentally.
  • Part three - annual external assessment. This assessment ensures that your company is safe from targeted external cyber-attacks on your network.